Now How to Take Care of SIUP and TDP Can Be Online, But…

This article was updated on September 24, 2018.In 2018 the process of obtaining SIUP and TDP has made significant progress, especially since the entry into force of the Online Single Submission (OSS) system. The legal basis for the entry into force of the OSS is PP No.24 of 2018. Through this system, businesses will also get NIB alias the Employer Number.But after the OSS system ran for more than 2 months, there were still many technical obstacles in the system and users felt that they were not familiar with the filling process. What needs to be underlined is that even though there is an OSS system, for the Jakarta region the process of obtaining SIUP and TDP can still be through the JAKEVO system or manual processes.The following is the difference between the procedure and the conditions for obtaining SIUP and TDP in the Jakarta area and Easybiz notes about the reliability of each system.

for the requirements can be seen in the following link

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