Accounting and Tax Services

Looking for accounting and tax staff Al-Amin

Accounting & Tax Services provides bookkeeping and taxation services for individuals, SMEs, national and multi-national private companies. We are developing the business requires Accounting Staff and Taxes in charge of managing the financial statements and taxes of our clients. Preferred who live in Depok and surrounding areas


    •  Female / Male 
    •  Education D3 or S1 (priority), majoring in Accounting
    •  Understand the Principles of Accounting and the Accounting Cycle
    •  Understand Taxation
    •  Have certificate Brevet A and B
    •  Mastering MS Excel
    •  Work experience at least 2 years, preferably in KAP or KJA
  •  Preferably in active English


    • Has high integrity
    • Can work individually or as a team
    • Can work under pressure, get used to result-oriented deadlines
  • Have good communication and interpersonal skills


    • Collect financial information from clients
    • Determine chart of accounts appropriate to company activities
    • Reconcile accounts
    • Prepare the client’s Financial Statement in accordance with the Financial Standards
    • Calculate and make SPT Period PPh 21/26, 22, 23/26, PPh Ps. 4 (2), 25, VAT etc.
    • Calculate and make SPT PPh Agency
  • Calculate and make SPT PPh Personal Person

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be processed Application, CV and expected salary are sent to: