Taxes in Indonesia embrace a self-assessment system, a system that gives trust to taxpayers to calculate, pay and self-report their taxes. Unfortunately, not a few taxpayers who do not know the obligations of taxation due to lack of knowledge and tax laws that continue to grow in accordance with the economic development.

You can avoid high tax costs arising from such ignorance. Our experience in the field, not all taxpayers understand understand their tax obligations, for example that after obtaining the taxpayer ID number (NPWP) means there are reporting obligations to be done, and carelessness to not report it will be fined in the future.

Taxpayers, both individuals and profit-oriented companies, certainly want to minimize the tax burden. There are various ways that can be done, of course you will do a legal way for example by tax planning, where taxpayers use loophole in tax rules so that tax payments can be efficient by staying within the corridor of tax regulations

AL-AMIN will assist you in managing your tax obligations, ensuring your tax-compensation efforts with our tax compliance services, tax savings with tax planning and tax consulting related to your business transactions. You can focus on your core business without being preoccupied with problems or potential tax problems.


1.    Monthly Income Tax Reports/SPT Masa PPh (PPh 21, PPh 23, PPh 25, PPh 4(2) dan PPh Final Badan)

2.    Tax Invoice/eFAKTUR, Monthly VAT Reports/SPT Masa PPN

3.    Annual Corporate Income Tax Return/SPT Tahunan PPh Badan

4.    Annual Income Tax Return/SPT Tahunan PPh Orang Pribadi

5.    Tax Review

6.    Tax Planning

7.    Assistance of Tax Audit

8.    Registration of Tax ID/NPWP

9.    Registration of VAT/PKP

10.  Registration of eFIN dan eFAKTUR

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