PT. Solusi Usaha Al-Amin (Al-Amin) is a limited liability company engaged in accounting and tax services. Al-Amin is recommended by KPMI (Komunitas Pengusaha Muslim Indonesia Indonesia), supported by experienced professionals in Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Taxation.

Currently, the number of SMEs in Indonesia reaches 55.2 million represents 90% of business in Indonesia and contributes 57% of total GDP Indonesia*. SMEs proved very strong, not affected by the economic crisis of 1997 and 2008. Many SMEs who run their business without accompanied adequate bookkeeping due to lack of knowledge and high cost of accountant salaries and accounting systems. On the other hand, quite a lot of private companies/BUMN/BUMD that have CSR programs for the development of SMEs in Indonesia. Companies owning funds require bookkeeping before channeling funds to SMEs. To bridge the need between SMEs and other parties, especially the creditors, we provide accounting and tax services.

*Minister of Cooperation, in SMEs Go Global (5/9/2013)